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We are blessed to have wonderful neighbors and friends

On Tuesday I was late feeding the pigs...I was in the middle of Sam's shopping for groceries. I get a text from my beautiful neighbor whom I consider a second mom to me. It read: "Porkchop is out"....

I pay for the items I have thank goodness for Scan & Go and run out of Sam's. I get another text: "He is eating birdseed...""you are going to need John. They are all out." 2 seconds later I get a call from our neighbors on the other side of us..."the big pig is out". I am on my way. When I get there I start calling for Porkchop which is on one side visiting my other neighbors. I go to get some of their food - they are very food motivated. Meantime the other 5 are still eating birdseed (I think). The first one to run down the driveway is Peppa. She follows me (or the food) to the pen. Next is Dottie (mama pig) and when I get to the pen the others are in (Petunia, Penelope, Munt (papa pig)). Meantime Porkchop is still leading my neighbors on a wild goose chase. There are more details to his capture but the funniest moments was my neighbor (her hubby was directing traffic) and I following a huge pig, shaking a bucket of food, down the middle of the Lylewood Road, guiding him to the farm. He is huge and someone passing by asked if he was a pony. Yes, I fixed the fence. Pigs are very intelligent.

Thank you to all my neighbors that helped me get them back in their pen and to the wonderful couple who stopped and helped. I wished I had gotten their names.

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