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Upick 2023

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

UPick 2023 is over...All the lavender is now harvested. We hope to see you next year for UPick 2024, when the lavender is in full bloom. Thank you to all who came out to see what we do this year and get a sneak preview of our barn/retail in construction.

Farming is hard and is never certain, especially with the weather. The wet winter and early spring was rough on our plants. We lost quite a lot of our lavender plants and our field is looking a little rough. We decided to open up an area of the field for U-pick starting Monday, 19 June 2023. We have beautiful blooms and would love to share it with you.  If you would like to come out please call us for an appointment. Cost is $10 per person which includes a fresh bundle of lavender. When you come please wear sturdy shoes as it is rocky and uneven terrain. We are also busy working on the interior of our retail/barn. #woodlilyslavenderfarm #Woodlawn #lavenderfarmers #upicklavender #lavender #lavenderfarm 

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