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Having trouble falling asleep?

When we first distilled our lavender and got a few drops of Essential Oil plus gallons of hydrosol my first thought was what do we do with so much hydrosol? After reading and researching hydrosol we found that it is very relaxing. To make the hydrosol a little stronger we added a few drops of the Essential Oil and now we had a Linen Spray.

My other half of Wood Lily's volunteered to be the first to try out the Linen Spray for sleeping. He is a US Marine and as a Veteran has trouble sleeping all night. He started using it at night and immediately started sleeping all night only waking up when his alarm went off. He has been doing this for the last 2 years.

Then our volunteer who is also a veteran told me that she had a hard time sleeping and staying asleep. We gave her a bottle of Linen Spray and the first night it worked its magic on her. She now has to set an alarm to wake up. She compares it to taking Melatonin.

Tip #1 - Shake your bottle of Linen Spray

Tip #2 - Before laying down spritz your pillow.

Enjoy a restful nights sleep!

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