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Exciting things happening! 21 June 2021

It has been over a year since I wrote a blog. In July of last year we bought more land and it came with Longhorn cattle. They are spoilt not only by us but by anybody who is brave enough to give them treats! The older heifers come and eat out of my hand but off late they don't seem to want treats as their pasture is full of grass so they are fat and sassy! Earlier this year they gave us 2 surprises. A little bull calf born at the end of March who is going to be the "Bull" I named him Beez. On my hubby's birthday they gave him a gift of a girl calf who I am calling Lavender. They are both so cute. Their horns are starting to grow and Beez's coat is getting darker.

We are also in the middle of lavender season. Harvest is here and I have heard from lots of people wanting to come and see the lavender. If you would like to see it please call me so we can arrange a time that you can come and enjoy. It has to be soon as I will be harvesting. In the next week or so we are going to start distilling our lavender for Essential Oils and hydrosol.

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